Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Back To School - 19th Jun 2013

19th June 2013 manifest the significant milestone in the growth of Futuristic Edu initiatives.  After months of hard work and grounding, everyone at the Ambitus campus was enthusiastic to welcome the little ones. It was the first day for the students at Ambitus, world school. All the necessary preparations were done to help students ease out effortlessly and make this day memorable for each one of us. As the students arrived in the morning, their journey had begun….they were delighted to see lush green campus.
The team of teachers and other staff members helped the students and the parents to make them feel welcome and comfortable on to their way to the common room. They were then led to the Assembly ground. The assembly started with the welcome note by the Principal, Mrs. Babitha Srikumar followed by the school song presented by the students of the choir group. It was such an enduring sight, to see the complete school family together.

After the Assembly students were introduced to the class teachers and directed to the classrooms.Students had mixed feeling and emotions, as they looked forward to their first day in the classroom.  Many of them were feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over. Some kids felt nervous or a little scared on the first day of school because of all the new things: new teachers, new friends, and even a new school. Luckily, these "new" worries only stuck around for a little while. The classroom session started with introduction and icebreakers to help children induct comfortably to the new school and to get to know each other. 

  The day was planned meticulously for each grade to help them move smoothly and  swiftly during this transit period. During the day students were taken on a school tour and shown the activity rooms, play area and other facilities available at school premises. They were also introduced to school rules and regulations. They had fun playing basketball and skates, and had hands on at some art work activities, music and dance too.
At the end of their day one at the school, they were full of joy and with the feeling of content because of the new bonds they had moulded and the promise of a magnificent time ahead. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Peek In Day - 15th Jun 2013

Peek In Day on 15th Jun 2013 took place, in order to smoothen the new session (2013-2014) wherein, the parents and students got a chance to interact with the staff and respective class teachers. They were given a chance to clear out all their doubts and queries regarding the school proceedings. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Grand Inauguration Of The School (13th June)

Thursday, 13th june 2013. A nice cool breeze surrounded the entire 5.5 acres of Ambitus  World School since morning. A lot of hustle bustle and busy activities were going on the school site. The school ground was overflowing with the  media workers, labours- trying to complete the last minute works.  The skies seemed full to the brim, as if holding rain just for the inauguration to go through smoothly.
The Ambitus’ building, was being given the last minute touch-ups. A whiff of fresh flowers filled the air, which were being used to decorate the stage and all the inauguration points. A huge stage with flood lights was laid out and in the centre was the big banner announcing  “The grand inauguration of Ambitus  World School”.

A lavish seating arrangement was done for distinguished guests and parents. The chairs were decorated in white and green symbolizing Ambitus’ motto “Go Green”. Arrangement was also done for refreshments for one and all. The teachers and the staff were looking vibrant in teal coloured blazers carrying the Ambitus’ logo.
The school building bore a smell of fresh paint and cement work. There was an ongoing process of putting tiles, stones on walking path and laying of gravel on the main entrance. The main board bearing the name of the school in extra large letters was decorated with vibrant and bright coloured flower garlands. The board was covered with a curtain which was to be unveiled by the chief guest.

The chief guest for the evening was Sri Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, minister for finance and planning, A.P. State; The guest of honour Sri Kuna Srisailam Goud, MLA, Quthbullapur, and the other dignified guests included Sri. Bollineni Krishnaiah Chairman, KIMS Hospitals and BSCPL Group of companies, Sri. Rajasekhar Babu Yarlagadda, Managing Director, People Combine Group (Oakridge International Schools), Sri B Seenaiah, Chairman Futuristic Edu Initiatives and MD BSCPL Infrastructure Limited, Sri T. Pandu Ranga Chary, Vice chairman  Futuristic Edu Initiatives, Sri Narendra Edpuganti Founder and Managing Director,   Futuristic Edu Initiatives presided over the function.
At 5:30 p.m. the distinguished guests arrived and the evening started with the unveiling of the main board at the entrance. The school teachers were present at all the points holding their responsibilities well and taking care of all the last minute hitches.

The world–class vistas that were inaugurated were Green Hub, Password, Humpty Dumpty, The Pallet,  Rhythm, Trot..Trot, Pranayam, Splash, Deuce, the Goal, Boom Boom, Pass it. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the chief guests proceeded for refreshments. Thereafter the programme started with an introduction of the school by the Master of the Ceremony Mr. Hemant. A beautiful welcome dance was presented by the students of Creek School, a sister organization of Ambitus  World School. The classical dance enthralled all the guests as well as the audience. An AV presentation on the infrastructure, curriculum and the concept of Ambitus  World School followed. The distinguished guests were then invited on the stage . Mrs. Padmaja Paturi, Executive Director(AWS) addressed the gathering and welcomed the guests. All the dignitaries then lit the lamp placed before the Vivekananda Statue.

Mrs. Babitha Srikumar, Principal, Ambitus World School then addressed the audience introducing them to the concept and approach of Ambitus  World School, specifying the difference from the other schools. The creek students had prepared a beautiful patriotic song which they presented and mesmerized the audience.

Mr. B Seenaiah, Chairman, graced the occasion by putting forward the belief of  Future Edu initiatives, and their work in the field of education. It was followed by the audio release of the Ambitus School Song and a live performance of the school song by the Ambitus students. Thereafter the other dignitaries also addressed the gathering. All the eminent guests  were then felicitated by our chairman. 

Mrs. Rukmini then gave a vote of thanks to all the guests and parents. The program ended with the National Anthem sung by the facilitators of Ambitus. In spite of the various inconveniences caused by the weather, the program went on very well and everybody applauded the entire effort put forward by the family of Ambitus World School.